Monday, November 26, 2012

Nikon D600 Quickpro Camera Guide Ships NOW!

Nikon D600 Quickpro Instructional DVD Camera Guide IN STOCK at

Quickpro presents the Nikon D600 Camera Guide. Our camera specific guides are a great resource for any photographer from the up and coming beginners to the seasoned professionals. We will provide you with the tools to gain confidence in your skills and take your pictures to the next level.

This guide will cover the following:

Camera Tour
Image Area, Quality, and Size Settings
Metering, Exposure, and Release Modes
Live View and Movie Mode
Focus Modes and Image Sharpness
Menu System
Controlling Color and Tone
Using the Built-In Flash

This month the Nikon D600 Quickpro Camera Guide will be available on DVD at:

Also soon to be available in the following App Stores:

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